~ Whitetail Springs ~

February 10th, 2014

We are pleased to announce our 2014 continual improvement initiative, as there will be a significant upgrade to the property for all to enjoy.  Many of you  have been following the progress on Facebook as we have dredged and connected our two ponds into one larger body of water, which we have named Whitetail Springs.  In addition, we have decided to build two brand new, deluxe rental cabins with lofts for our guests to enjoy. 

Over the years, Whitetail Springs will evolve into an excellent spring-fed fishery with bluegill and largemouth bass.  It is our hope that this added feature provides our campers with a true outdoor camping experience.  Canoes and kayaks will also be permitted.  The map on the right illustrates how the project will take shape. 

Thank you and we hope you enjoy!

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